04 January, 2005

A message from Mt.Nebo

Jordan - the place always brings a myriad images to my mind.

Mt. Nebo...from where Moses must have looked so longingly across the Dead sea. The land where his search ended but where he was never to set foot upon

As i watched the people enjoying a lazy morning in the waters below, i wondered if anyone could feel the old man's anguish in the gently blowing breeze.

A life of seeking and faith marred by a single act of aggressive disobedience - or was it just momentary vanity and the sense of power that temporarily blinded his vision as he struck the rock and commanded the water to gush forth?

I will never know... but as i stood there on that sunny morning, a voice in the wind whispered the following warning.....if you are given any form of power, do be very careful how you use it!!

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