15 February, 2005

The Gift

They always found him very quiet
It seemed he never had much to say
Nothing to add to their discussions
Lively debates about past, future or today

Guys around him thought him a bit dull
Often he was the butt of their jokes
But it never did bother him really, that
He was not considered ‘one of the blokes’

He recalled his Bible teacher had said
“In the beginning was the Word”
But he often quietly wondered why
Most people so wanted to be heard

He noticed that very few listened
Everyone had too much to tell
'There’s hardly any buyer', he mused
'All of us are just out to sell'!

Being perceptive, he noted in his diary
‘Much of what is said is nonsense’
And every night when he knelt to pray
He thanked God for his gift of silence

(First published in AKN on Ryze, 14th Feb '05)

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