26 February, 2005

Of boundaries and freedom

I am faithful only to my spirit
not for me the shackles of your
singular love when the whole
world is mine for the taking

So call me unfaithful if you like
I will not be tied down by you
and yet I need you to be there
and in my heart of hearts I am
glad that you have the boundaries
that I so openly denounce and lack.

For what good is freedom if all
were free to do as they please?
an explorer leaves the comfort of
his home to reach new worlds, a
solitary bird scours the sky for new
horizons; but at the end of it all
don't they all look forward to
returning somewhere to someone
waiting eagerly only for them?

At the end of its voyage, where would
the weary ship return if there was no
harbor? What if one day the harbor decided
to leave just like the ship? If the nest
moved on with the wind and so did the home?

Though I may never admit, I know in my
heart of hearts that I am free to be free only
because that which I ridicule as bondage is
really the love that nurtures me and my quest

Inspired by Vijay's "Unfaithful" at AKN
The photograph above was taken by my friend Amit


Anonymous said...

Had read this before and it's still as great and deep a read. Will have to connect this up with 'The Had-been Kite'.

Aparna Ray said...

Hey thanks!