21 March, 2005

A candle in the wind

A candle burning in the wind
Like hope in human breast
At times its dim when in a trough
Or brightened in a crest

If snuffed out against the night
A wisp of smoke is seen
Reminder of some earlier time
Or a passion that has been

So let the candle melt down fully
My friend can you not see
'Tis better to meet a flaming end
Than to let life unlived be


Anonymous said...

A candle in the wind
still burnbing brightly
as it fights the dark still night
and ere the wind blows it out
its light has reached out
and lit somebody's life...
a candle fluttering in the wind
a candle, a ray of hope still
beckoning..a guide...

Aparna Ray said...

Lovely thoughts!