31 March, 2005

Some everyday woes

I’m sure you'll agree it isn't fun
waking up daily with the rising sun
but oh the other everyday woes
that a person like me undergoes!

After waking I step on my weighing scale
and sure enough let out a horrible wail
after which i nearly begin to weep
why can't some weight be lost in sleep?

I summon strength, run a hot shower
emerging with effort after an hour
post which I am left tearing my hair
trying to decide what clothes to wear!

Finally when am ready, I reach my car
have to look for my key both near and far
When I find them and switch the engine on
it seems that the battery is almost gone.

Somehow I make it to the office gate
but by then I am already late
try to log onto the server but fail
account's overflowing with Spam mail!

The evening however should be great
I have an appointment with a hot date
keeping count as the minutes drag by
when can I leave, I think with a sigh.

Guess what - just as I am about to leave
Call from a new client I do receive
"an urgent meeting - please drop by
brand sales are down, we don’t know why!"

The meeting ends late after midnight
my hot date by then is sleeping tight
there’s nothing for dinner everything’s shut
I seriously feel like kicking my butt.

Tired enough to just drop dead
angry and hungry I go to bed
so imagine my state when next I see
my weighing scale is up by 1 kg!!!!

- And to think that Scarlett's immortal lines of hope were - "After all...tomorrow is another day!"...ouch!!

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