09 April, 2005

A look at the royal re-marriage

A 35year affair takes the curtain call
As Charles marries Camilla defying all
At the wedding it seems both will bewail
Their sins that led past marriages to fail!

The bishop will then ask Charles if from now
He will truly be faithful to his wedding vow
I wonder why the bishop still has fears
Over a love that's lasted 35 long years?

It appears the common people have said
It is okay for Camilla and Charles to wed
But we surely do not want to see her as Queen
Name her duchess,consort,or something between!

The Queen herself is fed up of course
Three of her four kids have had a divorce
The tabloids as always are minting pounds
As they ensure royal gossips do the rounds

People are saying Diana would have enjoyed
Reading what all’s pouring out in the tabloid


Maybe the time has now come at last
to let the two be and forget the past?

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