12 July, 2005

What if...

A young man pays an agent six lakh rupees
To get him that lucrative job overseas
To reach his dreams he makes no bones
In selling off all that his family owns

One year later there’s still no job in sight
The agent of course has taken flight
All that remains are dreams laid bare
And a family, which is in utter despair

I’ve often wondered why men fall prey
Trusting blindly in what these agents say
Parting with everything they have in hand
For an unknown future in a faraway land

What if instead of this distant lure
There was some way to reassure
These young men that there’s no need to roam
Dreams can come true even close to home?

Would it save them getting caught like flies
In these rosy webs spun by an agent’s lies
And if the youth are no longer pawn
Can peddling false dreams remain a flourishing con?

I wonder…

PS: every year many a youth from India get fleeced by recruitment agents with the promise of landing a brilliant job in countries like Dubai, Malaysia,Italy, Canada and the like. A current report today on TV had me wondering...what if?

What do you feel about it? Let me know...

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