28 October, 2005

The world today

Earth, wind, rain and fire
Seem to have gone haywire
But when they are silent
Man himself is violent
I wonder if this is the world to desire?

What do you feel? Do share your thoughts...


I n g e r said...

I really don't know what to make of the world these days, Aparna. It's especially confounding as a parent; things seemed much more rosy when I was a child--and I don't really think that's all just age perception.

But it's the only world we've got. And despite the evidence, I think we can only travel hopefully, even if it takes a force of will.

Admin said...

Short and Sweet, I say

Hiren said...

Nice and short

Blue Athena said...

When nature goes wayward
We curse God, ask why was this spurred.
Offer prayers and more to appease
Then, when all is well, we goad and tease.
Are we really the creation preferred?


Rajesh said...

Hi, Came thru Kaps blog.

Both of your blogs are nice..

Quite true on the world today.

Its high time that man realises
that he should not disturb nature.
And if he does..this is what nature returns..

Floods in India,Earthquake in Pakistan, Storms in the US and the list continues..

R said...

crisp and concise.. neat!

its God's way to indicate.. if man plays around with his creations.. he takes care he learns a lesson. but the sad part is, we aren't ready to learn any lesson only..

Aparna Ray said...

@Inger - yes, the world can seem pretty confusing bit I loved what you said about travelling on with hope.

@Anthony, Hiren - thank you both for the appreciation

@Blue Athena - lovely rejoinder!

@Rajesh, Rohit - hope we learn the lessons sooner than later!