30 December, 2005

A morning ritual

“What took you so long?” She asked
With an impatient toss of her head
He knew it would be death to answer
So he stared at his fingers instead

He had just finished reading
Of a romantic ride across time
So his mood was really mellow,
Heart full of emotions sublime

He had been so preoccupied
With thoughts of the unheard call
That urgency of the voice nearby
He had not heeded at all

Now of course it was clear
There would be hell to pay
He was sure of it because
It happened every other day

He tried hard to focus
To lend her his ear
And then finally her voice
Broke out in the clear

“Everyday it’s the same story, so
If this is what you’ll continue to do
I’m moving in with my parents
Unless you build another loo!”



Gypsynan said...


Aparna Ray said...

lol thanks :-)

bharath said...

thats was wicked beautiful.

wishes grew to read every blog in here
they do have wisdom, wicked and pure
until i fall sick and eyes turn sore
i must read, and with patience endure

Anonymous said...

aparna that was hilarious!
you have a knack for creating an enjoyable read:D