13 February, 2006

On SMS literature

An SMS poet was found telling
Readers why his poetry is selling
Smiling (with a dimple)
He said, “It is simple,
Who the hell today knows the real spelling?”

What are your views on SMS poetry that is fast becoming popular today? And then of course there is the promise of the classics being condensed to SMS form. Do share your views on the same.


nkshirsa said...

like the way your brain works :)

Aparna Ray said...

Thanks Nikhil! That's quite a compliment :-)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Hate the thought but, must admit, it's funny at times :-)

Gypsynan said...

that was funny... i am back Appu! How are you doing?

crusading against myself~! said...

sms's are like bonsia... and the real beauty lies in their size.. or the lack of it... to carry a msg thru!

maybe haiku is more suited for sms's! :?

Aparna Ray said...

Yes the size (or lack of it) does matter :-))

Haikus and senryus should do rather well as sms!