15 March, 2006

On not writing

Yesterday in the morning I said to myself,
"Today I am going to write"
But somehow the day simply floated away,
Leaving me feeling contrite.

Late in the evening, as I sat with my drink,
A voice in the wind I heard.
“Can you explain why no new posts are up?
“What’s the matter?” chirped the bird.

Many hours (of introspection) later,
I remarked with quiet woe,
“I think I have a writer’s block,
My thoughts are refusing to flow!”

However, the voice concluded,
That wasn't a good enough excuse.
It left me feeling embarrassed,
So desperately I turned to my muse.

“Maybe you are trying too hard," he said,
"Just let your thoughts run free.
You’ll soon see how a seed of thought,
Will grow into a giant tree.”

So here I am with my paper and pen,
Waiting for that thought to bloom,
Meanwhile, let me assure you folks,
The posts here will soon resume!


QbiT said...

I have often heard about writer's block .. never really faced it (for obvious reasons ) but I can probably appreciate the feeling when thoughts don't flow as tangible words.
Nice way to express what every writer or an aspiring writer faces some time or the other, frequently or infrequently; you have captured the essence by just being honest.

May the flow (of words) be with you !

Priya Arun said...

Ok, you're kidding right? I did not know people with writer's block could write poetry (amazing ones at that)!!!!

As long as you don't get a limerick-block, I'm good ;-)

Gypsynan said...

hey there - good stuff

8&20 said...

no need to think so much, just write :)

Dolphin said...

and you wrote this after a writer’s block... =)
Good one.

White Magpie said...

Mmm and I thought something happened on Feb 14th *:D*

Aparna Ray said...

@qbit - You are lucky indeed if you don't face it...I have it all the time!

@priya - I am offering a puja to Edward Lear this week so that the limericks keep flowing :-)

@8&20 - will do maam - just waiting for some free falling nuggets of inspiration :-)

@white magpie - lol I wonder what could have happened??

@dolphin & gypsynan - hey thanks!

Anonymous said...

A poem you wish to write
but words refuse to come in sight.
You blame the room and the light
and with your pen you fight.

You know not what to write.
Your imagination flies not like a kite,
soaring to a literary height.
In frustration, your pen you bite!

You think, think and think.
At nothingness you blink.
You can feel your heart sink
when you finish a bottleful of ink.

Your words and ideas donot link.
Lines n verses seem to kink.
In anger, your pen you fling
and exclaim,"Writing poem's just a waste of ink!!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Aparna,

Everyone is catching up. Way to go....Nitin

Anonymous said...

Hey why two blogs with the same style of writing in them? I thought this one would be your err...'serious' posts blog!

Aparna Ray said...

Hey Indianarchie, I am really glad you pointed this out to me. This blog is meant for my other writings. However, of late I seem to be more involved in limericks and have been archiving my so-called 'non-news' limericks here. I see now that is blurring the line between the 2 blogs. Henceforth, will keep your comments in mind.

Thanks again