08 May, 2006

Hues of Life

If the colors in our lives
Lacked intricate weave -
Were individually seen,
Then there’d be a yellow
Alongside a blue, but
How would we get the green?

There must be a reason
Why God has made
Life such a kaleidoscope;
Could it be to convey -
'There’s good with the bad',
So that there springs eternal hope?


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully put, Aparna. Life indeed, with all its hues, is quite a mystery, is'nt it?Still, one tends to associate blue with depression (unlike the message conveyed by the clear, blue sky), red with aggression - may be, because red is the colour of blood, (yet what will we be without blood?),green with envy
though the greenery in God's own country, is so soothing to the eye and so on.Life's such a contradiction....

Dolphin said...

there's always a reason for everything

8&20 said...

nice nice :)