19 May, 2006

The nature of love

A pair of young lovers
Lay under a tree.
On the tree bloomed a flower,
Near it, buzzed a bee.

Heady scent of the flower
Drove the bee wild,
The man pulled her closer-
She sensually smiled.

Hormones were raging
The air filled with tension
And above them the bee
Hung in suspension

The flower starts to sway,
But the bee has it pinned,
The couple embrace tight,
Throwing caution to the wind.

His clothes and hers
Carelessly thrown;
The flower gets ready
To welcome the drone.

The bee rides the flower,
There is music and stuff,
But viewers are now furious -
They are sick of the fluff.

The director chap's helpless
For there is a stricture,
He can only use Nature
To cue sex in the picture!


Written for the 'Comic Erotica' writing exercise on S&C


ganty said...

not ROTFL...bu sure smiled at the poem...

Inkblot said...


Aparna Ray said...

Thanks ganty and inkblot and welcome to my blog

Tamanna said...

Our hindi movieeeeeeeeeees.. atleast until a few years back when they showed two flowers two birds :-D Indi-genus!!

8&20 said...

i like it :)

Aparna Ray said...

Thanks tamanna and 8&20...lol it is like the hindi movies, isn't it? lol!

Prometheus_Unbound said...

Hindi movies till about five years ago. This Love poem so much better thatn the pain and trial ones that ever Romeo, Juliet and Majnu put up.