07 October, 2006

Paris, Pujas & Poe

The world lay asleep
But somewhere in the darkness
A tower shimmered...

So much to write about yet the thoughts refuse to flow. Had a lovely vacation in Paris, followed by another at Darjeeling. Then came the Puja festivities in Kolkata which have not quite died down yet.

No, the picture above is not a puja pandal in Kolkata. It is the real thing (though I won't be surprised to see it being replicated as a puja pandal sometime in the near future!). Here are some photos I took during the pujas...enjoy!

Re-reading Edgar Allen Poe's short stories. Here is one of my all-time favorites.

Will be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Nice looking blog. Here from Manu's

workhard said...

A vacation would be such a blessing. Paris must be such a blessing
I saw the durga pooja pics.. came out real nice..
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