09 January, 2007

Happy New Year and a fond farewell

First of all let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Hope your 2007 has started with as much fun and feverish activity as mine has!

With New Year also comes a time for new resolutions (forget the fact that the old ones may not have yet been fulfilled) and this year I have decided to focus my blogging energy on
  1. Newsmericks
  2. Regional language blogging
So where does that leave this blog, my first, which brought me into the world of blogging? This blog was meant to be a storehouse of my thoughts and feelings about all that I saw, read and much more. However, somewhere down the road, it became a place where I stored some of my hap-hazard poetry and then that too dwindled away into nothingness.

I think it is a time for a voice in the wind to say goodbye. Thank you all who stopped by here. Will let you know if I decide to return in a different avatar. Till then, see you at Newsmericks!


Renie Ravin said...

Hi, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs, thanks!


8&20 said...

Dear Aparna,

It has been more than 2 years since I read your writings, after you stopped posting here. I came back to seek inspiration again, and found it one more time, despite the repeat reads. I really do miss your posts, and if you ever choose to write here again, I would assure you one avid reader, no doubt :).

I used to write poetry alone on my blog back then, but have since moved on to writing anything and everything that comes to mind. Perhaps I too am trying to capture the voice in the wind now, in whichever form it will speak to me.

I hope you are well. I'm glad you're still active on the Newsmericks blog :).

Much love,
Neha [8&20]

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