09 February, 2011

Revelation - A Poem

Re-discovered this one from my Notes page on FB. Written a long time ago...

What does she tell you, the sea,
as you tread the sands quietly
lost in thought?

What are you thinking of?

Are those tomorrow's dreams, gently
lapping the shores of your heart? Or,
are they memories of some yesteryear,
rising, Kraken-like, from the depths,
threatening to drag you down?

And the sea? What does she
whisper in your ear?

Does she speak to you of her vastness,
her soul, the great calm of her depths
that sustains and cherishes life, even as
her surface is ravaged by a deadly storm?

Listen to her ageless wisdom;
For she reveals to you the mysteries of
the never-ending ebb and flow of life.

And in listening, know this -
that unless a ship leaves the safety
of its charted course,
it can never discover a new world...

~©Aparna Ray


Leena said...

The background of this blogpost, the blackbirds sometimes hides your writng and in your older posts the white background completely obliterated your writing, it would enhance the flavour of this blogpost if you could possibly change the background

Soumyendu said...

You must have heard Dust in the Wind. Many groups have sung this song, but I like the version by Klaus (Scorpions)

Aparna Ray said...

Hi Leena, thanks for your feedback. Have changed the background and made the fonts darker. Hope it will be easier on the eye. Let me know what you feel.

@manikchand - I'll take voice over dust anyday :-)

Leena said...

Hi Aparna, Nice and clear, goes straight to your heart through your eyes, thanks for responding

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